We design and build innovative blockchain products

UX / UI research & design

At LUI.IS, User Experience and Interactivity of interfaces is our prime concern.

We solve your design problems by looking outside the tunnel, exploring various approaches beyond what an average mind can imagine.

Up next, User Interface is taken care of. We ensure the UI visually communicates what the UX designer has laid out.

Blockchain development and consulting

Blockchain is not just a trend, it is the future and we provide you all the tools to make you take part of this revolution. Blockchain is more than a technology for Cryptocurrencies, it offers a universe of possibilities to build new softwares and applications. We help your team to understand the blockchain world and all the opportunities it represents for your business and we walk you throughout all the process of developing your blockchain, from the idea to the marketing and more. We offer you: Token and Blockchain Development, Distribution (Exchange Listings, Enterprise Partnerships, Regional Representation), ICOs, Whitepapers, Technical Analysis, Workshops, among others.

Blockchain development and consulting

ICO’s and Marketing

The offer of cryptocurrencies in the market grows every day so, in order to stand out from the crowd, you need powerful marketing and communication strategies running by a partner who understands how this business works. Building trust is the north in each campaign. Our services include: Bounty Campaign, Digital Marketing, Press Releases, Public Relations, Community Management and everything you need for your ICO.

We also support other industries in the planning, design and execution of integrated marketing and communication strategies for different products and services.

Front/backend development

By combining UX strategy with an extensive experience, our development team is able to create innovative, responsive, secure and effective UI and back-ends in the web. Combining our Agile / Rapid Prototyping methodologies and know-how, we can develop native websites and mobile applications for all the existing platforms in the market faster than ever!

Front/backend development

Digital Innovation

We are continuously exploring the latest trends & technologies in order to create and deliver solutions for even the most complex digital systems and interfaces.

Gesture and facial recognition, Bluetooth smart, Leap Motion, Arduino microcontrollers, robots, augmented and virtual reality devices interacting with an environment and users are just some of the many possibilities today’s digital world has to offer.

Our team provides the necessary support to develop, experiment and test your ideas, and an opportunity to bring to life your dream innovations.

Recognitions & Awards

Mobile Web Awards
Internet Advertising Competition
Awwards Nominee
Swiss Made Software
Mind the Bridge Nominee
CTI Entrepreneurship